I like to say I found Leah by divine intervention. I had been looking for a wedding photographer for weeks. They all had beautiful work but none were the right fit. One day a last ditch facebook search revealed Leah and I was in awe of her work. I later learned she had only recently created her facebook page-it’d been live about a week. See? Divine intervention. And while the facebook page was new, Leahs work? Well that’s ageless. I wanted wedding photos that were natural, timeless, and more pieces of art than just photos. Leah delivered on all accounts. I wanted a photographer that felt like a close friend-as our wedding was small and intimate. Leah delivered again, from the moment we met we felt as if we had known her for ages. As I look through the photos I am amazed at the images she captured. Moments that are precious. She got us, she got our style, and she graciously tolerated our families! Leah Holston Photography was the perfect addition to our wedding day. I am so thankful for that final search, for the divine intervention, for the sweet and gentle spirit that is Leah and for how that spirit flows into her breathtaking work. We will treasure the images forever. //Jessica & Jerrel Alexander


Back before there was a Leah Holston Photography, even before there was a Shutter & Snap -- from the very first time Leah snapped a picture of my daughter, her eye for light and composition has shown through. Some photographers know how to arrange the technical aspects of a picture to produce a good photo. Some photographers can assemble a cute background. But Leah has that rare gift, that artist's eye for weaving together the technical with the inspired to create a truly breathtaking work of art. As I look back through all the years of photographs, all the times she's captured my family in sessions and candid snapshots, I'm amazed at her ability to see our family's soul. She gently draws forth the very best and captures it for all time. To see her photography is to nearly know the family within it. To see your own family through Leah's eyes is a remarkably intimate gift.  // Christi Madrid