Hi Ya'll! I'm Leah; a North Carolinian transplant who's fallen in love with my husband's Northern Michigan childhood home and all the magic that 4 distinct seasons bring -- though winter could admittedly be a little shorter :) 

I'm happiest & most fulfilled when I have several creative outlets buzzing at once, which means my photography and vision are often influenced by my latest DIY project (triumphantly finished at 3am), or by the mixing of colors and sunlight in the crayon box as I draw with my son on a lazy Saturday morning. 

I'm a mother, a creative, a wife, and a lifestyle photographer. 

This means that your family's spirit and intertwined joy will be caught on film (or memory card!) for a lifetime of touchable memories. No stiff poses here. But don't worry, I'll style your shoot to fit your personality and I have a way of keeping even the unruliest of kids (or wedding parties!) in line and engaged.  

I'm an old soul with a penchant for record players. I can lose all track of time while digging for vintage treasures at yard sales and thrift shops. (Know of any blue mason jars or handmade quilts!?)

I have a weakness for Coke Icees, old movies, and Peruvian chocolate. When the three combine, life is an unstoppable force for good. Makes for pretty much the best day ever. 

I love Christmas and have been known to re-wrap gifts so that the presents match aesthetically under the tree. 

I believe that God infused each of us with beauty and it is up to us to magnify that beauty in ourselves and others. I'd be honored to capture that beauty in your life.